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Intex Air Mattress

Intex Air Mattress: High Quality Air Beds For Any Sleepover Situation

When you buy an Intex air mattress, you never have to worry about the construction and quality of your air bed. In fact, the toughest decision you will probably face is what size air mattress you will need. Intex carries a wide variety of styles, colors, and sizes, so you can be sure to find your perfect fit. Whether you need something for family camping trips, weekend getaways, or for the occasional guest, Intex has a quality air mattress for you.

Intex Air Mattress Beds

What sets Intex air mattresses apart from their competition is the durability and light weight construction of their air beds. These beds can withstand quite a bit abuse, which would be perfect for anyone with kids. Although these air mattresses are typically larger and taller than a standard air bed, they are surprisingly light. This makes carrying them around and storing them easier on you in all situations.

Some beds you have to struggle with to deflate them properly and just to get them into the storage bag they came with. But not with Intex air mattress beds. Intex even has some options with inflatable back supports or headboards for even more comfort and support wherever you take it. No matter what type of air bed you are looking for, you can be sure to find an Intex air mattress that will satisfy your needs.


Intex Pillow Rest Queen Air Bed

The Intex Pillow Rest Queen Airbed with Built-in Electric Pump is the way to go if youIntex Air Mattress need a great Intex air mattress for home use. The built in pillows are actually comfortable and conform to the shape of your neck.

It has a whopping 600 pound weight limit, so you know more than one person can sleep comfortably and safely in this model of air bed.

It’s not only waterproof but has a sturdy construction so you can get years of use out of it. This model has all the features of the Intex Downey model, but has a slight advantage because of how light weight this model is.

Intex Supreme Air-Flow Queen Airbed Nylon Flocked with Built-in Electric Pump

Try out the Intex Supreme Air-Flow Queen Airbed if you want an air mattress that is as close to a real bed as you can get. This is one of the Intex Air Mattresseshighest quality air mattresses that Intex makes and it even looks more like a real bed too.

This Intex air mattress is perfect for those people who do not want to sacrifice comfort on camping trips and vacations.

And this air mattress sits about 20” from the floor, so you really are sitting almost as tall as a traditional standard bed. This model will easily cost you close to $100, but your comfort is definitely well worth it.


Intex Queen Prestige Downey Air Mattress 

If you're on a budget, the Intex Queen Prestige Downy Airbed with Hand Held Battery Pump is the air mattress to choose. This Intex air mattress will only run you $25 orIntex Air Mattress less and includes a hand held battery operated pump. This air bed is perfect for camping trips because of its size and easy fold up storage.

It truly is the best Intex model for the outdoors enthusiast and rapid camper. It is only about 10 pounds so it makes for easy lifting and the size is perfect for fitting inside tents of all sizes and shapes.

If you are looking for an Intex air mattress to hold up against any kind of rough terrain, the Prestige Downey is the perfect air bed for you.


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