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Buying An Air Mattress: The Top Benefits To Owning An Air Mattress

If you have never used an air mattress, then it's time you discover why they have become so popular in today's marketplace. At some point, you have probably been in a situation where having an air mattress would have come in handy. Let’s say a friend or relative is making an unexpected trip in and needs a place to crash. With an inflatable air mattress, you can accommodate your guest with a comfortable sleeping solution and all without breaking the bank.

Air Mattress Beds

While previously when you went camping you were forced to sleep in a sleeping bag on the hard ground, you can now bring along an air mattress and sleep comfortably on any type of terrain. When the air beds first became available to the public, they weren’t quite as sought after. This was mainly because you have to inflate these beds without the use of a pump like we are used to seeing today. Sitting there blowing up a twin to king size air bed with your lungs wasn’t exactly practical. But with the built-in air mattress pumps that are included with many of today's air mattress beds, you can effortlessly inflate or deflate your air mattress in only a few minutes.

Finally, makers of the air mattress such as Intex, Coleman, and AeroBed, have discovered a way to make them more functional and easy to use. Since these developments, air mattress beds have been consistently sold to millions of consumers and are great to use for nearly any situation where you need an extra bed. So if you are ready to buy an air mattress for your home or to take on an overnight trip, be sure to look through the following air mattress reviews. Here, you will find an air bed that will satisfy the needs of virtually any type of person.

Air MattressAero Bed Raised Explorer Air Mattress 

If you don’t mind shelling out a little extra money for an Aero bed with extra features, the Aerobed Raised Explorer AirBed is one of the best inflatable air mattresses you will find. Starting at around $120, this airbed includes some really cool features. To start, it not only includes an air pump, but the pump actually has its own built-in flashlight!

This Aero Bed air mattress is great for all those camping trips where you might need to have a light to help you when you're pumping up your airbed. It's always best to pump up your air mattress as soon as you set up your tent, but if you have to do it after dark, this Aero Bed air mattress is the perfect solution.

Intex Pillow Rest Air Mattress

If you don’t mind paying for a little more comfort and a battery operated pump, spring for the Intex Deluxe Pillow Rest Rising Comfort Queen air mattress. This model is very Air Mattressesnew, being released in 2008, and is one of the most comfortable and convenient on the market. It includes an AC pump and a matching duffle bag to make storing and toting the air bed a breeze.

While this model of air bed is not too expensive, starting at around $40, it is a bit heavier than the above options. If you plan to be taking your air mattress a lot of places with you, you want to consider a slightly lighter bed.


Coleman Quickbeds Air Mattress

When it comes to buying a quality air mattress, it is best to try to get something functional for whatever reason you need it and make sure it's an air mattress you can afford. The Coleman Queen Double-High Quickbed is a great choice when it comes to the Coleman Quickbeds. These air Coleman Air Mattressmattress beds are great quality air beds which can sustain a lot of abuse and can be easily used by anyone. They tend to inflate much quicker than some of their competitors and can fit two adult or four children pretty comfortably.

Coleman is a quality name period when it comes to outdoor camping and survival gear. Amazon sells the Coleman Quickbeds starting from around $20 up to $150 and you may even be able to take advantage of free shipping and handling. Plus, you can eliminate the stress of storing the air beds because this model includes the quick wrap and roll storage system. Give the Coleman Quickbed air mattress a try and you will understand why they have become so popular.

Wenzel Queen Insta-Bed Air Mattress

The Wenzel Insta-Bed Queen Raised Sure Grip Bottom with Built-in Pump is as good as it gets when it comes to top of the line air mattress beds. This luxurious raised air bed sits at the same height as a regular bed and it includes an integrated 120-volt AC pump. This wonderful air pump allows you to inflate and deflate this air bed in only 90 seconds!

Wenzel Air MattressThis air mattress also features a uniquely designd bottom that grips the floor to keep the air bed in place. The flocked-top also helps keep your bedding in place. But the best part of this air mattress is the flex coil construction to help you sleep in a firm and stable position. Start enjoying the pure relaxation and comfort this Wenzel Insta-Bed can provide today for just over $100.

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